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Maternity Clothes Size Guide

The various styles of maternity skirts and maternity trousers can be seen below.

Stretchy bandeau
waist band
Jersey side panel
Comfy under-bump
waist band
Comfortable style which will see you through all nine months. Can be rolled up over bump or folded down under-bump.

Ideal for tailored styles and a 'normal' looking front. Side panel has buttonhole elastic to adjust as you grow.

Supportive under-bump panel in stretchy knit or self fabric, e.g. stretchy denim, but with elastic encased to offer stretch & support.

Stretchy tummy panel
Stretchy over-bump
drawstring & elastic
Great for fitted back
styles and to show off a 'normal' back view,
but with all the
stretch & comfort
to the bump area.
Authentic style suitable
for styles made from stretch fabrics, e.g.
stretch denim jeans. Cleverly cut to cover & stretch over bump.
Ideal for lightweight
& casual styles,
great for keping cool during warmer summer weather.


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