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Mum Links

Here are some links that we at Affordable Maternity think Mum's and Mum's to be may find interesting during and after your pregnancy.
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For Mum

Got Breast Pump
Your exclusive source for everything involving breast pumps and breastfeeding.
Parenting Facts Of Life
Baby Milk, Care, Child Care, Parent, Mum, Mother, Parenting Guide, Child Custody, Sleep Baby, Baby Crying, Feeding Baby, Child Anger, Pregnant Mother, Child Education, Child Behavior, Facts, Babies
Breast Pump Info by Baby Loves Your Milk
An informational website based on reviews by breastfeeding mothers who have purchased and used these products.
Posh Mum's
UK Online supplier of high quality breastfeeding and other baby goods.

Information and Forums
Mommy to Mommy
A new Moms best friend on the net. Find everything you need to welcome your new baby home. From maternity clothes to baby gear and toys. sitter Also find discounts on travel and entertainment for the whole family Your one-stop shop for the family
Bumps n Beyond
A forum for mums, mums to be and dads to discuss all aspects of TTC, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, also a place where you can kick back and relax
Advice, friendship and fun for parents. Our forum offers you a chance to chat to other parents from all over the country.
Parents time is a small family forum. Its run by 3 Mum's in our spare time. It's free to join in, so pop over for a chat? We have a section on pets, general chat, kids talk and pregnancy. Everyone welcome, Mum's Dad's, Grandparents and foster parents.
Advice, information, friendship for parents and parents-to-be.
Young Single Mother And Friends
Young single mothers are just like any other teens. They eat poorly, sometimes drink, or smoke. They are influenced by peer pressure to become sexually active and then when they become pregnant, those same influences can be damaging to her child.
Busy Mom Zone. Great Resources for Busy Moms
Resources for pregnancy, baby, kids, travel, finance, shopping, work from home, coupons and discounts. Plus weekly polls, message boards and articles.

Baby Parenting
Every mother needs to belief in herself and develop her own parenting style. This parenting website can help all mothers.

Moms Home Safety
This site, gives loads of tips and information on how to practice Home Safety, including Baby Proofing, Injury Prevention, Poisoning, and how to perform First Aid if things go wrong (as they sometimes do), with some interesting anecdotes along the



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