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Maternity Clothes vs Fashionable Expectations

There is no better time to celebrate your individuality than when you are expecting a baby! At Affordable Maternity we appreciate that during this exciting time in your life you will want to look at your very best - hormones are raging and you very often feel that your body is not your own anymore; therefore it is more important than ever that you find maternity clothes which are fashionable and will help you look and feel your very best.

A question of timing
A dilemma that faces most mums-to-be is 'when should I be wearing maternity clothing?!’ Many women feel uncomfortable in their normal wardrobe very early on within the pregnancy, with bloating resulting in trousers and skirts feeling tight. However at 6 weeks pregnant most women also feel a little embarrassed wearing maternity clothes. Affordable Maternity’s answer to this is that every woman is individual and therefore in the same way as every woman is different pre-pregnancy, every woman is different when pregnant! Some women will suffer early pregnancy bloating more than others; some will not show any bump at all until 4 or even 5 months in to their pregnancy! With this in mind, you should not be deterred from buying well fitting maternity clothes from as early as you feel uncomfortable. For most women this will probably occur around the 10-12 weeks mark, but with others it can be earlier or much later.

It is worth remembering that many maternity clothes are discretely designed and tailored so that they can be worn from early pregnancy throughout the whole 9 months and beyond. Stretch panels and self-adjustment tapes in jeans and trousers are a God send in enabling you to combine fashion and comfort from early on in your pregnancy until you are ready to give birth.

Don't bump up your normal size!
Another common dilemma for first time mums-to-be is what size should be selected when choosing maternity clothes. It comes as a surprise to many to find that the size should remain in line with your 'normal' pre-pregnancy dress size. That is to say if you are a size 12 pre-pregnancy, then you should choose maternity wear in a size 12, and so on.

The one exception to this sizing rule is of course your bra! Most women find an early sign of pregnancy is the expansion of their bust with most women increasing at least one cup size through their pregnancy. Breasts will often feel tender and sore early on in pregnancy and you may notice the increase in size as early on as 6-8 weeks. Our advice is not to struggle on with your existing bras. It is vital that to get as much support as you can for your expanding chest by investing in a good bra. A good supportive bra will help ease some of the aches and pains you are feeling in this area and you bust will thank you for it!

Don't be a bump frump
Remember we are living in the 21st century  now and whilst it may have been frowned upon in 1954, the modern mum-to-be to be should be proud of showing off her ever expanding tummy by wearing anything from figure hugging jersey tops to even cropped tops that proudly show your bump to the world.

Even if this still sounds a little risqué for you, you should not be afraid to maintain your fashion sense as much as possible by choosing maternity clothes and colours that reflect your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Mixing and matching is always a good option. It is also worth remembering that being pregnant doesn't mean that you have to forget about accessorising outfits. Investing in a few bright accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and evening scarves that don't break the bank will make a big difference when 'glamming up' each outfit; and the accessories will still come in useful after the birth.

Things have fortunately moved on from1954 and gone are the days of smock tops, dungarees and long floral dresses with bows galore! Now you can buy all types of casual, formal, work or occasion maternity wear from an extensive, you will be faced with so much choice you will need 9 months just to search through the selection!

Enjoy your pregnancy by looking and feeling your very best!


The above article is based on an article from Uniquely Woman.


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