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Affordable Maternity: maternity clothes online 

With the exclusion of bridal wear, maternity clothes can be some of the most expensive clothes a woman will buy and of course it will normally get minimal use. When I was pregnant I begrudged spending lots of money on maternity clothes (not to mention waddling up the High Street with swollen ankles carrying heavy bags) so I lived in one denim skirt and one pair of jeans. Needless to say I did not glow during my pregnancy and by the end of the nine months I was tired of wearing the same clothes.

I decided to start this company in order to offer good quality affordable maternity clothing, after all the more money you save on maternity wear, the more you will have to spend on your baby. So there's no more waddling up the High Street now you can buy your maternity clothes online.

Most of the products we offer are ex-chainstore surplus stock, last season stock or over orders, which are available to you at approximately 1/3 of the original price!

Please note that ex chainstore products will have swing tags removed or defaced. This has to be done by law to prevent store returns, however, where possible clothing will have partial tags or be in the original store wrapping.

If you have any questions with regard to the products available, please do not hesitate to contact me. I recommend that you register your details on our mailing list, with your approximate due date, in order that you may be advised of new stock as and when it comes in. I will remove your details around the time you are due.

Sincere best wishes with your pregnancy, it is a wonderful time in a woman’s life and if you are not suffering from sickness, heartburn and swollen ankles, I hope you are able to enjoy it!



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