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Top Ten Must have Maternity Clothes

You need maternity clothes, as your body changes shape, you may start to feel uncomfortable if the clothes you wear are not designed with room for your bump. Skirts could ride up and look much shorter than you'd like, tops can be tight across the stomach but baggy over the shoulders. It's important to get some proper maternity clothes in which you can both feel comfortable and look great. But don't rush out and blow all your money at the first early sign of pregnancy as your size may increase more than you anticipated!

  1. Jeans or combats
    No need to forgo style and comfort just because you're expecting. Modern boot cut, stretch jeans with 'regular' styling are available to buy from Affordable Maternity. Trousers that are wider at the base, made in light denim and comfortable for the bump are the most flattering. Combat trousers can also be worn for a casual look with draw-string waists, wide ankles and useful side panel pockets.
  2. A bigger little black dress
    If you want to go out for a smart dinner or an evening with friends, a black maternity dress is ideal for showing off your blossoming figure and feeling comfortable at the same time. This classic dress made in maternity style is perfect for elegant events out during your pregnancy.
  3. The professional look
    If you're used to wearing smart suits to work, there's no need to stop now that you're pregnant. Good quality trouser suits, tailored skirts and classic white shirts are all available in maternity styles. But remember you can often feel quite hot when pregnant so opt for cool cotton or sleeveless tops to keep the temperature down. Maternity tights can complete the professional look.
  4. A twin set
    Because you tend to feel warmer during your pregnancy it's wise to wear layers so you can easily peel one off if you start to feel the heat. A matching light natural fibre sweater and cardigan are ideal.
  5. Comfortable lingerie
    Opt for comfort where it counts the most! These days you can find many different styles and designs of beautiful maternity lingerie. Look for new bras as your size increases and ask for help if you need to be measured for a bra. It's important to feel supported and comfortable (as well as beautiful) as your body alters and grows larger. You will need to buy nursing bras before baby arrives, but wait until you're around 36 weeks as you'll get a better idea of what size you're likely to be around this time.
  6. Cotton tops and dresses
    You may start to feel warmer than usual during your pregnancy, so select tops and dresses made of cotton or other natural fibres to help you look cool and keep cool.
  7. Hip accessories
    No need to forget to accessorise during your antenatal nine months. Colourful scarves, funky earrings, sparkling necklace or chic bag can make you look and feel brighter.
  8. Wrap or tie-back tops
    These fit closer to your body on top, and allow more room around the bottom half; a flattering design that's also comfortable to wear. With tie-backs you can adjust the fit according to your growing size wearing them tighter during the earlier months and loosening them later on.
  9. Black stretch trousers/leggings
    Durable, economical, highly wearable and comfortable; they go with everything and make a great base from which to build an outfit. And they never go out of fashion. You can wear them in the first few weeks and continue throughout your pregnancy and on afterwards as you start to slim down.
  10. A-line skirt
    A slim-fitting skirt is a much more flattering cut for maternity wear than a full one. Taller ladies should go for a stylish mid length cut, while shorter ladies could try a knee-length hemline. A standard item of any maternity clotheswardrobe; the A-line skirt goes with almost anything.


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